Welcome to Izmir!Welcome to Izmir!

As the backdrop for our Izmir Tattoo Fest, dive in to explore Izmir’s treasure trove.

Izmir, famous for its historical and natural beauty, is located in the Aegean Region of Turkey and offers a unique experience to its visitors. With its Mediterranean climate, rich history, magnificent beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant cultural activities, Izmir stands out as a lively city that appeals to all ages and interests.

As Turkey’s third-largest city, Izmir is home to the largest port in the Aegean. The city’s history dates back to ancient Greek times, and this historical richness can still be seen in its streets and architectural structures. In Izmir, you can take walks in historical areas, explore ancient cities, and see the ruins dating back to the Roman period.

The city is also famous for the Izmir Clock Tower located in the Konak district, known for its historical and cultural heritage. The Clock Tower has become a symbol of Izmir and is a popular meeting point for those visiting the city. Additionally, the Agora Ancient City, located in the center of Izmir, reflects the historical depth of Izmir and is a great discovery area for those interested in history.

Izmir is also renowned for its magnificent beaches. The coastal areas of the city are a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the sea. Coastal towns such as Cesme, Alacati, Urla, and Dikili are flooded with both local and foreign visitors every summer due to their clean beaches and clear sea. Sunbathing while enjoying the cool waters of the Aegean Sea, which also allows activities such as windsurfing and water sports, is a favorite activity for those visiting Izmir.

Izmir’s cuisine will also appeal to your taste buds. The perfect combination of seafood, olive oil, herbs, and fresh vegetables makes Izmir cuisine unique. You’ll have the opportunity to try seafood fresh and delicious, and you can enjoy delicious kebabs from street vendors. Also, you should try Izmir’s famous pastry called “boyoz.” This delicious snack has become a symbol of Izmir.

Navigating Izmir:

Whether you prefer metros, buses, ferries, or your own two feet, Izmir offers numerous ways to explore its charms. For the adventurous at heart, consider renting a bike to uncover hidden gems.

Mary's Church

Mary's Church

Izmir stands out with its religious diversity and historical structures. The city is home to the Mary’s Church, an important center of the Christian faith. Mary’s Church is located near the ancient city of Ephesus and is considered to be the place where Mary, the mother of Jesus, lived her final years. This church, considered a sacred place for Christians, is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. The historical and religious significance of Mary’s Church makes Izmir an important center for religious tourism.

Ephesus Ancient City and Roman Heritage

Ephesus Ancient City and Roman Heritage

One of the greatest treasures in the vicinity of Izmir is the ancient city of Ephesus, which dates back to the Roman period. Ephesus is famous for its captivating historical heritage and grandeur. It includes important structures such as the Celsus Library, the Temple of Artemis, the Great Theatre, and the Roman Road. Ephesus is a must-visit for those who want to explore historical ruins and step back into the ancient Roman era.

Historical Elevator and Its Unforgettable Story

Historical Elevator and Its Unforgettable Story

Izmir’s historical Elevator building is an important structure that sheds light on the city’s historical and cultural past. Built in 1907, the Elevator is located between the Konak and Karatas neighborhoods, offering a magnificent view of Izmir Bay. The story of the Elevator is also fascinating. At the time of its construction, people had to overcome long and exhausting routes due to the difference in elevation between Konak and Karatas. Izmir businessman Nesim Levi built the Elevator to solve this problem. This building became a historical symbol for the people of Izmir beyond being just a means of transportation. You can enjoy a pleasant time with the city’s charming view by visiting the cafe restaurant at the Historical Elevator.

Entertainment Centers and Vibrant Culture

Entertainment Centers and Vibrant Culture

Izmir is also known for its lively entertainment scenes and nightlife. Cafes, bars, and nightclubs in areas such as Alsancak, Kordon Boyu, and Karşıyaka stand out as hotspots for nightlife. Additionally, Izmir’s young and energetic population turns the city into a vibrant cultural center. Concerts, festivals, and art events held in the city bring together local and international artists.

Izmir hosts various events throughout the year. The Izmir International Fair is a major event reflecting the city’s economic and cultural vitality. Also, Fuar Izmir hosts numerous fairs every year. Events such as dance festivals and art exhibitions in Izmir also attract art and culture enthusiasts.

Local Wisdom:

  • Weather Watch: March in Izmir brings cool and crisp air. Pack some light layers and keep a cozy jacket handy for the evenings.
  • Embracing Local Vibes: Though Turkish melodies the air, many Izmirites, particularly the younger crowd, converse in English. Still, sprinkle your interactions with “Merhaba” or “Teşekkür ederim”, and watch faces light up with appreciation.
  • Heart of the City: Izmir’s warmth isn’t just in its weather. The locals, with their open hearts, and the city’s well-loved street animals, particularly the cherished cats and dogs, are testament to its inviting spirit.

Izmir offers a wide range of options for travelers of all kinds, as a city rich in history, religion, and entertainment. While it allows for ample entertainment in its center, its convenient location with coastal towns and historical sites allows those seeking tranquility to change their setting within minutes. Izmir, with its historical fabric, religious sites, and vibrant cultural events, will captivate you and help you create unforgettable memories.

Reaching Izmir:

Touchdown in style at the Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB), Izmir’s bustling aerial hub. Catering to global travelers with numerous direct flights, it ensures your journey to the Tattoo Expo is smooth and hassle-free. For those weaving tales across cities, remember, Istanbul’s vibrant landscape just an hour’s flight away. Whether you’re an international guest or hopping over from Istanbul, you’re in for an unparalleled experience in Izmir. To check the list of countries with direct flights to Izmir click here.

About The Location

Fair Izmir

Turkey’s crowning jewel, Fair Izmir, is gearing up to welcome you to the Tattoo Expo this year. Renowned as the nation’s premier exhibition complex, it offers an expansive setting, perfectly complementing the expressive world of tattoos.

Why Fuar Izmir Stands Out:

  • Space Galore: With room for 350+ tattoo artists, countless vendors, and a sea of enthusiastic attendees, everyone’s assured a comfortable experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Experience events like never before with our top-tier screens, sound systems, and more.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Its central location is a boon, easily reachable via diverse transit options. And yes, there’s plenty of parking.
  • Safety First: Comprehensive security features including round-the-clock CCTV surveillance ensures everyone’s peace of mind.

Visitor’s Corner:

  • Culinary Delights: From local delights to international cuisines, our eateries have got you covered.
  • ATMs: For your cash needs, several ATMs are dotted within the premises.
  • Inclusivity: Fuar Izmir prides itself on being accessible to everyone, including those with special needs.


Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, Izmir is a popular city that offers a variety of accommodation options. If you are attending the Izmir Tattoo Fest and looking for accommodation, you can explore the hotels that offer special discounts for participants who have reserved a booth. The following hotels are delighted to host you for the Izmir Tattoo Fest with exclusive discount opportunities:

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Note: Before making a reservation, please contact us at info@izmirtattoofest.com to get all the details and take advantage of the discounts. Participants who choose to stay in one of these hotels will be provided with a free shuttle service from the hotel to the festival venue at specific hours throughout the festival.